18 Mar, 2018

Traditional Chimney Sweeping

Andrew Peace, a "traditional" chimney sweep trained by and a probationary member of the National Association Of Chimney Sweeps.  Please see NACS.website for details.
  •  All Seasons is insured to a level of 5 million pounds for Public Liability.  Certificate and policy are always carried on the vehicle.   


  • Properly trained "Chimney Sweeps" help in the prevention of chimney fires and reduce the risk of dangerous fume emissions from blocked heating appliances, flu-ways and chimneys.  This ensures the appliance and chimney are working safely. 
  • Most household insurance require a working fire to be cleaned at least once per year depending on the type of fuel used.
  • A smoke evacuation check will be carried out on completion of all cleaning work.

Special price of £39.00 for the first chimney swept 

Further discount on other chimneys on the same site.

Offer Valid Until March 2013.